Do Yourself A Service And Leave Service Dogs Alone

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(I have a service dog for multiple disabilities. I don’t always work with him with any identifying gear because people are more likely to leave us alone if they can’t tell he’s a service dog. In this instance, he is wearing a vest marking him as a service dog. My father and I are running errands after my classes end for the day and I’m entering the store a few minutes after him so that [Service Dog] could relieve himself. As we approach the door, there is a man in his car in the accessible parking spot who sees my service dog and leans out the window of his car.)  

Man: “HEY, PUPPY! Come here, puppy!” *makes kissy noises* 

Me: *to my service dog* “Leave it.”

(He doesn’t need the reminder, but sometimes people get the hint and leave us alone when I say that. We start to enter the store.)


(Thanks, random man who decided I needed to be screamed at for taking my vested service dog into a store. Also, to make things worse, I was wearing my jacket from my alma mater so, for all he knew, I was a high school student. It’s always adults, too; we never have issues with kids.)

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So I’m a pharmacy tech working at a pharmacy in a grocery store and usually work the closing shifts during the week along with the other techs as we are all also in school. This happened to one of my coworkers not 5 minutes after he got there.
Patient: I’m here to pick up for [name]
Coworker: Okay let me go get that.
He searches the shelf and it’s not hanging up so he goes and looks it up in the computer.
Coworker: I’m sorry ma’am, it seems we are out of stock on that medication and won’t be able to fill it until tomorrow.
Patient: What!? Why didn’t you guys tell me before??? That medicine is very important I have to get it for my daughter! Why didn’t someone call me?
Coworker: I’m sorry ma’am someone should’ve called you I don’t know why they didn’t.
Patient: Well that’s very unprofessional of you!
She storms off and is heading toward the customer service desk when one of the day techs tells my coworker that she actually did call the number we have for the patient but it was disconnected. She then runs out after the patient with a pen and paper to explain the situation and get a new number. Later in the evening the patient called and asked the tech who answered to tell my coworker she was sorry she yelled at him. So not all raging customers are psychopaths! It was a good reminder :)

Needs A Further Education In Being A Decent Person

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(I am helping the retail manager to get some things ready for the coming catalogue while we are standing at the checkout between customers, so I decide to start some small talk.)

Me: “How are your kids doing?”

Manager: “They are doing good. My son is getting ready for his year twelve exams.”

Me: “That’s exciting! Does he know what he wants to do after high school?”

Manager: “Not yet, but I told him that if he chooses to go to university, he can stay home. But if he chooses to go to TAFE, he needs to move out.”

(TAFE is “Technical And Further Education.”)

Me: “Why’s what?”

Manager: “Well, I don’t want him to grow up and be a nothing by going to TAFE.”

(The manager looks at me, from head to toe, while saying that.)

Me: “…”

(That got me really angry. Uni does not equal success. I know many people who went to TAFE who are doing a lot better than other people I know who went to uni. I don’t have anything against anyone who choses uni, but it gets me angry when people judge someone in a cold and disrespectful way for choosing TAFE over uni.)

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There’s No Need To Behave Like An Animal About It

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(I work as a receptionist for a veterinary hospital. Earlier today, I gave a prescription to a client for a drug that is classified as Schedule II, which means it is considered as having high potential for abuse, so our facility is not licensed to carry it on-site. It can only be picked up from a human pharmacy. Thus, we write prescriptions instead of filling them ourselves at our on-site pharmacy. My first interaction with the client ends like this:)

Client: “So… what do I do with this?” *holds up prescription*

Me: “You take it to a pharmacy, just as you would with a prescription from your doctor. I would recommend calling around to see which places have it first before going anywhere because not all pharmacies can or do carry it.”

Client: “Can you call the pharmacies for me?” *stares expectantly*

Me: “I’m sorry, but I can’t. There are dozens of pharmacies in the area, and I have no idea which places have this drug. And unfortunately, I have other clients waiting so I’m not able to set aside that kind of time.”

(She’s not happy with my answer, but she takes the prescription and leaves. Maybe an hour later, I get a call from her.)

Client: “So, can I use my insurance card to pick up the medication?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that’s legal.”

Client: “But I’m getting the medication from a human pharmacy. Why can’t I use my insurance?”

Me: “Because the medication is for your dog, and the prescription is filled out to reflect that. The pharmacy will be aware it is for a dog, and your insurance only covers you. If you have pet insurance, that may or may not help cover it, but that depends on your plan.”

Client: “Well, I should be able to use it. It’s a pharmacy, not a vet. Why can’t I use it?”

Me: “I’m very sorry, but I’m not sure what else I can do for you. If you have further questions, I can ask the vet to speak with you.”

Client: “No. Never mind!” *hangs up*

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(A customer walks up to the counter)
Me: Hi are you picking up?
Customer: No, uh, I was just wondering, uh, can I have some aspirin?
Me: Oh I’m sorry, we can’t give out medication.
Customer: (stares blankly)…I’ll give you a dollar.
Me: … I’m sorry sir, we just aren’t allowed to hand out any medication, but there is a travel section that might have a small bottle of it if you want to try that.
Customer: Oh yeah that’s a good idea, yeah. (walks away mumbling how that’s a good idea)