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10 Stories About Pharmacists And Their Very Confused Customers

| Right | November 4, 2020

Dear readers,

The pharmacy, at times, seems like a magical place. There is this back room that contains thousands of medicines with long names and even longer lists of side-effects, and there’s always a helpful pharmacist to hand that knows about every… single… one. Yet there are many customers who take these life-saving places for granted. Their role as the customer makes them feel entitled to laud it over the pharmacist, forgetting they’re actually a medical professional with years of study and training just to get to the stage where they are legally allowed to hand over the medication.

In solidarity with pharmacists everywhere who have had to deal with these terrible customers, we’ve rounded up ten stories from our archives about the many pains you go through, to try to alleviate your customers of their pains. You have our gratitude!


There’s No Pills Like Home – If only those brain cells had kicked in before they made the phone call.

This One’s A No-Brainer – If it’s for the brain, maybe you should look into it.

Medication Frustration – Maybe they could’ve called it in for you, but they can’t use their brains for you.

Back In My Day, Pills Fell Like Mana From The Heavens – They don’t pay cashiers enough to dispense medications.

I Just Called To Say I Hate You – They don’t pay cashiers enough for this garbage, either.

How About Some Ritalin While You’re At It – Yes, we’re the ones who don’t know anything. Clearly.

So Mummy Can Have Birds Without The Bees – Hits from the comments: “That’s to prevent more of you.”

Ear-Waxing Lyrical About Bad Service – The meds might help her hear you better, but she probably still won’t listen.

Rectify The Situation – Check the comments on this one for some puns that some people pulled out of their butts.

High School Dropouts Work On The Pharm – Do you ever have the urge to be really unprofessional to someone?


We hope you enjoyed our pharmacist-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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