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Saved By The Belle

, , , | Right | May 8, 2008

(I used to work at a popular ice cream store, where they mix your ice cream. We got really busy during the weekends, with lines out the door. This happened as I was going down the line asking customers for their order.)

Me: “Hello, what would you like today?”

Customer: “Are you high?”

Me: “Uh… what?”

Customer: “Your eyes are REALLY red. That’s okay, I’m cool with it… I am sure it makes this job more fun.” *grins*

Me: “Um, I’m not high. I have contacts and they make my eyes really red.”

Customer: “Oh, gotcha.” *winks*

(At this point, I am hoping I don’t lose my job for something this stupid.)

Me: “So what can I get you?”

Customer: “Nothing, I am just looking.”

Lady Next To Customer: “I know you are not high dear, don’t panic.” *gives me a tip*

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