Here To Supervise Your Aggravation

, , , | Right | August 30, 2018

(It is quite a quiet day, and I have just finished serving my customer. Across on another till my colleague has just called a supervisor to the tills.)

Customer: “What are you doing now? Can I put my card in to pay?”

Colleague: “I’m sorry, I just need to fetch my supervisor to have this price reduced for you.”

Customer: “Well, that’s ridiculous. Do they not teach you how to use the tills here?”

Colleague: “They do, yes. But unfortunately, only the supervisors are allowed to alter prices.”

Customer: “That is just ridiculous.”

(The supervisor arrived and adjusted the price. I watched the customer from a distance and saw her rolling her eyes, glaring at my supervisor and colleague. When the supervisor finished, the woman actually sighed. This is something we cannot help. Supervisors have to authorise reductions to make sure the customer hasn’t tried to get a huge amount off an expensive item, and to make sure the cashier isn’t doing favours for friends. So many customers understand this and are perfectly happy to wait, but others just seem to think we do it to be deliberately annoying!)

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