Has Bags Over His Ears

, , , , | Right | July 9, 2020

I’m working at the cash register at a toy store. A customer comes up and dumps his items on the counter, completely absorbed in his iPhone.

Me: “Hi there. How are you tonight?”

Customer: *Silence*

Me: “All right, then, do you need a gift receipt for any of these?”

Customer: *Silence*

Me: “Sir, do you need a gift receipt?”

Customer: “What? Oh, no, it’s fine.”

We need to ask this before scanning anything because you cannot go back and add a gift receipt later. I proceed to scan his items.

Me: “Would you like a bag or would you rather carry it?”

Customer: *Silence*

I repeat myself several more times, each time a little louder. Plastic bags cost five cents so we need to actually ask.

Me:Sir! Would you like a bag or not?”

Customer: “Oh, what? Bag? No, it’s fine.”

I tell him the total and he goes about paying with a credit card. The second the receipt comes out, he FINALLY looks up at me.

Customer: “Oh, and I need a gift receipt and a bag.”

I facepalmed.

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