20,000 Reasons To Say No

, , , , | Right | July 9, 2020

I am working a Saturday overnight — until 5:00 am — shift at a convenience store. Two guys come in around 2:45 and start looking through the beer cooler. Iowa stops sales of all alcohol at 2:00 am. I tell them that it is too late to buy alcohol, but one of them brings a 12-pack up to the counter anyway.

Me: “Sorry, but I can’t sell that to you. The cutoff time is 2:00.”

Customer: “Aw, c’mon. Just this once.”

Me: “Sorry. No can do. The registers are programmed to not allow the sales.”

Customer: “Can’t I just leave you the money, and you ring it up when the register will let you?”

Me: “Nope. My shift ends before that. Besides—”

I point at the various security cameras in the store.

Me: “It would be too hard to hide.”

I’m still being polite, despite starting to get frustrated by his refusal to take no for an answer.

Customer: “How much would it take for you to let me walk out of here with this beer?”

Now, my patience is exhausted, but I’m still trying to keep my temper.

Me: “$20,000.”

The customer’s mouth hangs open in shock.

Me: “You’re going to pay my fine, the store’s fine, and the store’s lost sales for their liquor license being suspended.”

He then left with no further argument.

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