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The Glasses Will Get You Halfway There

, , | Right | May 30, 2018

(I’m the idiot customer in this one. I’m with a scheme at my optician’s office where I pay a set amount a month and get contact lenses sent to me. One of the perks of the scheme is that I get free glasses below a certain price every time my eye exam is due. I got free sunglasses for my last exam as my eyes hadn’t changed that much, but six months later, I find myself needing a new pair of glasses.)

Me: “Hi, I’m on the contact lens scheme and got my last pair of free glasses six months ago, but I need a new pair and I was wondering if I got this £45 pair, if there would be any extra I needed to pay.”

Assistant: “No, nothing extra, but since you’re on the scheme and you’re getting another pair of glasses, you’re eligible for half-price frames on any of the £69 range or above.”

Me: “Oh, no, they’re too expensive for me. I’ve seen this £45 pair, and these are what I want.”

Assistant: “Okaaay…”

(She carries on going through everything with me, but still looking at me in a bit of a funny way. I try the frames on with the sizings, and she says to me that she doesn’t think the frames suit me that well, and would I like to have another look.)

Me: “But there weren’t any others in the £45 range that I wanted, and I can’t afford to… Wait a minute. Half price of £69 is less than £45, isn’t it?”

Assistant: *glad that I’ve finally twigged* “YES! And there are some much nicer ones in that range.”

Me: “I’m an idiot, aren’t I?”

Assistant: “Not even the worst we’ve had today!”

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