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10 Eye-Opening Stories About Eye Exams!

| Right | August 16, 2021

Dear readers,

Last October, we brought you a roundup about visiting the eye doctor. Now, it’s National Eye Exam Month, and we’re celebrating this health-focused month with 10 more stories from our archives about visits to the eye doctor that’ll make your eyes pop right out of your head!


Catoptrophobia – Someone’s seen the Bloody Mary episode of Supernatural one too many times.

Makes You Wish You Could Just Die(late) – The words, “It’s none of your business,” would’ve been useful here.

Not Seeing Eye To Eye, Part 5 – I’m not crying. My eyes are just watering in sympathy!

Clean Your Glasses And Keep Looking – Hits from the comments: “If that’s their technique to get you in the door, imagine what it’ll be like during the sale!”

Eye See What You’re Doing – Oh, look. We’re rewarding bad behavior again.

They Work In Eye Care But They Cannot See – Someone look at my eyes! Anyone! Please!

The Glasses Will Get You Halfway There – Heyyy, someone figured out they were being stupid all on their own!

Not Seeing Eye To Eye On This – Hits from the comments: “I need to return these shoes. You sold me the wrong size when I bought these for my seven-year-old last year.”

No Glasses Required But Needs A Hearing Aid – Put on your listening ears, people!

Finished In The Blink Of An Eye – It’s sad that when employees get an easy customer, it throws them off their game.


We hope you enjoyed this Eye-Exam-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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