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Giving Jerks The Boot

, , , , , | Friendly | November 11, 2020

It is early morning and I am dozing off in my seat on the bus. I have slumped over on top of my bookbag and no one can see me since I stand under five feet tall. This woman sees the seat I’m napping in and doesn’t bother to look before sitting down. I jerk awake in time to stop her by placing my boots up, so she has her a** on them instead of me.

The woman turns around and sees me.

Woman: “You shouldn’t be sleeping on the bus.”

I’m aggravated by the stupidity.

Me: “Well, maybe you should watch where you sit your fat a** next.”

The woman stormed off with the dirty prints of my boots on her cheeks for everyone to see.

Question of the Week

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