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Getting Some Good Reception

, , , | Legal | November 27, 2019

Me: “Thank you for calling [Business]; this is [My Name]. How may I direct your call?”

Scammer: *heavy accent* “Hello. May I please speak to [CEO]?”

(The caller uses the CEO’s full name, which she never goes by. The CEO refuses all calls that come in through the main number.)

Me: “I’m sorry, she’s unavailable at the moment. May I please take a message?”

Scammer: “Yes, this is in regards to your office space.” *launches into a spiel that, even if legit, would not apply to us*

Me: “Sorry to interrupt, but we are not interested; please take us off your list.”

(I hang up before he can reply. A few minutes later, he calls back.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Business]; this is [My Name]. How may I direct your call?”

Scammer: “That was very rude. Put me through to [CEO].”

Me: “No.”

Scammer: *long pause* “What? You… you have to. You’re just the receptionist.”

Me: “I’m not going to.”

Scammer: *curses and hangs up*

(A few more minutes pass and he calls several times, but always hangs up when he gets me. I am the only one who answers the main line. Eventually…)

Scammer: “I’m going to tell [CEO] that you would not transfer me.”

Me: “All right.”

Scammer: “I’m going to get you fired. You’re just the receptionist. You have to transfer my calls.”

Me: “Okay, go right ahead.”

Scammer: “I’m very powerful; you’re just a receptionist.”

Me: “Okay.”

Scammer: “I know where you work.”

Me: “I know where I work, too?”

Scammer: *curses some more and hangs up*

(That was six months ago. He’s never called again and so far I haven’t been assaulted at my office!)

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