Getting A Short Service By Not Getting A Short Service

, , , | Working | June 27, 2018

(I’m a woman who has had my hair all lengths — to my butt, shoulder-length, shaved, etc. I’ve been happy with all of it. I get really into undercuts, and feel super confident with it. The guy that used to cut my hair quit, so a new woman is cutting it. I explain how I want it and show her pictures of how it was cut last time: shaved on a number two clipper on the underside of my hair.)

Stylist: “Are you sure you want it cut like that?”

Me: “Yes. I’ve I had it cut like that before.” *shows her photos again*

Stylist: “I’ll just cut a little with the shears.”

(She snipped and snipped with the shears after I told her to SHAVE IT. Finally, after a half hour of her refusing to shave my head, I paid her and the next day got it shaved at another salon. I don’t know if she had some bad opinions about girls with short hair. My aunt does. But I didn’t pay her to give an opinion on my hair length; I paid her to cut it how I asked. I never went back.)

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