Could Get Those Balloons Filled With Their Hot Air Alone

, , , , , | Working | June 27, 2018

(I’m at a dollar store to order some balloons for a party next week. I stand by the balloon ordering area and wait for someone to come and help me. The manager keeps glaring at me and continuing her conversation with a friend, to the point that I am uncomfortable and wondering why she’s so angry with me. After five minutes, she figures out that I’m not leaving, and stomps over to me.)

Me: “I’d like to order some balloons, please.”

Manager: *practically yelling at me* “How many?!”

Me: “Five.”

(She gets an angry look and starts ranting at me.)

Manager: “If you need more than three balloons, you have to give advance notice! I can’t just stop and—”

Me: *interrupting* “I don’t need them until next week.”

(Her demeanor completely changes, and is all smiles.)

Manager: “Of course! Thank you so much for giving notice; no one does that. I just had someone come in trying to get 30 balloons filled, and I don’t have time for that!”

(She gestured around at the store, which was empty except for one cashier checking out one customer. The whole time I was ordering balloons, she complained about how unreasonable other customers are. I get that customers are rude when they get refused, but maybe don’t start out by being openly hostile to anyone ordering balloons?)

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