Aren’t Manicures Supposed To Be Relaxing?

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My sister and I are about to go on holiday to Thailand and we go to a local salon to get our nails done. We were told about this place because it does some amazing nail designs. But the owner gets my sister’s nails all wrong.

Sister: *To me* “They look wrong.”

The nails are all wonky, some shorter than the others.

Sister: “Excuse me, can you tidy them up?”

The owner makes them worse. She asks a few more times, but they stay wonky.

Me: “We’re going somewhere else. My sister shouldn’t have to pay for a bad job.”

To our surprise, the owner gets cross and grabs my sister by the arms.

Owner: “No, I’ve done a beautiful job!”

My sister tries to fight herself away, sending bottles everywhere. The owner lets go and stands in front of the door, the only exit, locking us and two other young customers inside.

Owner: “You must pay!”

Sister: “Let us go!”

Owner: “No, you pay!”

We are now scared. He rummages behind the counter. One of the other customers asks to be let go. To our horror, the owner lets her go, but locks the door behind them!

Me: *Yelling* “I’m not having this!”

I see a long black case on the floor, and my sister and I bang it against the window.

Owner: “Pay now, pay now!”

I lunge for the door, but he fights me, pushing me hard. I fall onto the sofa, see my handbag, and grab my phone. I call the police.

Me: “Help, my sister and I are being held hostage in [Nail Salon]!”

To my surprise, the owner stopped being so vicious and let the police in when they arrived. He was only fined. But there’s no way we’re going back to that store.

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I worked at a makeup store that has a beauty salon in it and was restocking nail polish at the time.
*woman approaches me*
Customer: hi miss? How much is a haircut and what does it come with?
Me: *I’m always cheery and friendly* I can certainly help you! Our haircuts come with a wash and blow out. If you get it done with me (our prices varied depending on the stylist) it comes out to $35. I have an opening available right now if you’d like or we can set up an appointment!
Customer: no, I want a discount. That’s too much. No other place charges this much!
*my manager has been in the background the entire time within earshot*
Me: I’m sorry you feel that way. But these are corporate prices that we have no control over. *I explain the pay difference and how my process are the lowest because of my new hire status.*
Customer: I don’t care! I want a haircut and I won’t be paying so much! Give me a discount!
Me: well, there’s a [cheaper haircut place that only cuts hair at $7] around the corner that would better suit your budget if you’d like. I’m sorry we couldn’t help you. *smiles and walks away*
*my manager quickly turns around with a smile on her face trying not to laugh*
Manager: I’m sorry what seems to be the problem here?
Customer: your employee told me to go to [other cheap salon]!
Manager: yes ma’am, I heard. I heard everything. Our prices are set by corporate and will not be changed or lowered for no reason. There is in fact a salon around the corner that would better suit your haircut budget though. Is there anything else I can help you with?
*they left the store so angry and insulted. My manager looked at me holding in her laughter until they left.*

An Employer Who Pales In Comparison To Decent Ones

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(I’m applying for a job at a tanning salon via an external agency, from which I have an assigned job coach. I have to say, I’m not exactly the beauty-guru type, and working at a salon was a questionable option for me from the start, but my job coach keeps telling me I’m perfect for the job.)

Job Coach: “It’s only a hostess type of function anyway. You know, welcome the customers, point them to their tanning booths, and make coffee.” 

(The job coach is there for the interview and we both arrive at the same time. The employer lets us in, but we are followed by a man who I think is another employee. Once the employer gets us set with coffee and tea and he strikes up a conversation with the man… which takes him about 20 minutes.)

Employer: *to the man* “Did you see the state of our windows? They really need some cleaning. I guess I’ll have those broads who work the desk here do that this week. All they do is sit on their a**es anyway.” 

(Finally, just when my job coach and I wonder if this is a job interview or a tea party, the employer says goodbye to the man he was talking to — a friend of his, as it turns out — and directs his attention to us. 

He describes a bit of the job and I’m mildly interested. It all sounds like something I could do. Then, my job coach asks him about the controversy surrounding tanning, and how you can get skin cancer from it. Cue a long tirade from the employer on how tanning is very healthy and it’s actually sunblock that causes cancer, followed by an equally long tirade on how big pharma is a conspiracy, global warming isn’t real, and vaccines cause autism, expecting us to agree with him at every point. 

The conversation finally ends and I’m expected to tag along for a day or two to see if this job is a match. I’m too baffled to counteract anything, and I let it happen, but once my job coach and I leave the shop, I express my concerns.)

Job Coach: “So, what do you think? Do you want to give it a shot? It could be a fun job!”

Me: “With all due respect… I don’t think I want to work for an employer who refers to his female employees as ‘those broads,’ displays a very unprofessional demeanor by yapping with his ‘friend’ for twenty minutes, and has so many wrong views on the world that I can only foresee a lot of arguing if I ever were to work for him. So… thanks but no thanks.”

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(I work at a salon and spa, and we also sell retail products as well, such as shampoos and styling products. Clients will sometimes call in and ask about specific products.)
Me: “Thank you for calling *salon* this is *my name*, how can I help you?”
Customer: “Hi, can you tell me the price for *brand name*”
Me: “Sure, we have shampoo, conditioner, and other styling products of *brand name*.”
Customer: “No it’s called *brand name*.”
Me: “Ma’am, *brand name* is one of our hair product lines. It has shampoo, conditioner, and a few styling products.”
Customer: “No! It’s called *brand name*!”
Me: (trying to figure out what product she is looking for, and ruling out shampoo and conditioner) “Okay, is it a pump or squeeze tube?”
Customer: “I have it right in front of me! It says *brand name*, and its a 6.7oz squeeze bottle.”
Me: “Great, that product is *product name*, which is $24.”
Customer: “No, it’s called *brand name*!”
Me: (giving up) “Oh yes ma’am, here it is. *Brand name*. It is $24.”
Customer: “Well, that took a long time! Are you new?”
(I have been working here for 5 years.)

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A beautiful tall lady walks in, with glorious blonde hair, fur coat to the floor, and with a machismo-bitch thing going on.

“Hello there, how’s it going? Do you have an appointment today?”

With her nose turned up, takes off her majestic fur coat, hands it–no, sticks it to my face-and says “Uh-huh. Yes. Yes. Table for two, please. Yes?” in a thick Russian accent.

“I’m sorry?”

She looked around the salon full of clients with foils in their hair and towels on their shoulders, stylists milling around with scissors and brushes, and the works. Seemingly unfazed by this and now irritated, she barked at me again, “For two! Table for two, please! Right away! And I’m having dinner with the gentleman. He’s here, yes?”

(Oooooh, girl. First of all, turn down the attitude. And secondly, I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about)

Guess she had a date. With THE gentleman.

“Oh, I’m sorry but this is a hair salon…” I said.

“What?!!!” She looked around one more time, her face slowly turned red as she realized where she was. “Ah! No! Oh my God! Sorry! So sorry!” she said, all embarrassed and now all friendly. She quickly snatched her fur coat from me and stormed out, before I could finish saying “…perhaps you meant to go to the restaurant two doors down?”

Did she have a blind date? Did she get punked? Is it normal to dine out with foils in your hair in Russia? Do servers there cut your hair while you eat?

So many questions.