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, , , | Right | September 22, 2020

I work in a gelato store. Many people ask what gelato is, but not usually like this. Two teenage girls walk in and look at the gelato.

Me: “Hello! Would you like to try some gelato?”

Girl #1: “No.”

I see they are looking at it like they want some.

Me: “I can give you a sample if you’d like.”

Girl #1: “What is this stuff?”

Me: “It’s gelato. Italian ice cream. Would you like to try it?”

Girl #1: “Oh, no, thanks.”

She keeps looking at it.

Girl #1: “Can I try the [flavor]?”

She tries.

Girl #1: “Is this ice cream?”

Me: “Yes, Italian ice cream. It’s called gelato.”

Girl #1: “Oh, I don’t want gelato.”

She then proceeded to buy some.