Gaston Goes To The Library

, , , , | Right | July 23, 2020

I’m eleven years old. I am reading a book that I was given by the librarians. The book has been cancelled out of the system. I’m sitting at a table at the back of the library. At some point, a grown man comes up and sees the book cover.

Patron: “Hey! That’s the book I need!”

He smiles and rips it out of my hand.

Me: “Sir, that’s my book and I was just reading it.”

I follow the man as he grabs other books, telling him it’s my book.

Patron: “Look, I’m sick of you; you’re a stupid, selfish girl, so go away.”

The man goes to check out my book, but the computer won’t allow him to check it out.

Patron: “D***! Why won’t this book check out?!”

Me: “Because it was cancelled from the system. Also, that book is mine; it no longer belongs to the library.”

The librarian looks at me.

Librarian: “She’s telling the truth; I remember giving her that.”

Patron: “What?! But she’s a girl and girls are stupid!

Me: “Sir, I’m grade six. I just turned eleven a few months ago, so I actually skipped a grade. Also, I can read that.”

Patron: “Well, I thought she was a selfish little girl!”

The man gave me the book back and I went back to reading.

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