Fish Of The Day Is Taking All Day

, , , | Right | March 12, 2018

(I work at a counter service bistro that has half Asian cuisine, half Western/Australian dishes. I am located in a coastal town, meaning many assume we have seafood without checking the menu, even though it is pretty obvious we are not an upper-class restaurant.)

Customer: “Hi, could I order fish of the day?”

Me: “Sorry, sir, but we do not have fish of the day. We have either battered and fried fish, grilled barramundi, or grilled Atlantic salmon from our regular menu.”

Customer: “What?! No. I want the fish of the day!”

Me: “We actually don’t have a fish of the day, but you can choose from the battered, barramundi, or salmon.”

Customer: *visibly angry* “What about this do you not understand? I was here last week and ordered fish of the day!”

(I have worked at this establishment for nearly two years; we have never had “fish of the day.”)

Me: “We don’t have a fish special, but there is a specials board, or the fish on the regular menu, sir.”

(My boss wanders over.)

Customer: “I want the fish of the day!”

Boss: “No, sir, we do not have fish of the day.”

Me: *desperately wanting to move on to the large line behind the customer* “Please, sir, choose either the barramundi or salmon as a special.”

Customer: “Ugh! Whatever! Just choose whichever! I want fish of the day!”

(I write down the barramundi and ring up the very grumpy customer.)

Customer: *mumbling as he walks away* “Idiots.”

(He came in the next week insisting on the same thing: fish of the day. I really wish customers would just read the menu and not assume we are like other restaurants!)

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