Milking The Farmers Dry

, , | Right | March 12, 2018

(I work in a frozen food store in the UK. One of the current affairs is that UK supermarkets are not paying a reasonable amount to support our dairy farmers; therefore, they sell milk at quite a cheap price. One customer decides to share their views.)

Customer: *puts down the milk on the counter and asks a question in such a way that it is obvious that she already knows the answer* “So, how much is the milk, again?”

Me: “It’s [price], please.”

Customer: “Well, I think that it is absolutely atrocious! You supermarkets should pay more to support our farmers!”

Me: *her sudden tone takes me off guard, so I nod* “Yes, I think we should do, too. I’m certain that [Other Market Chain] across the road has put their milk prices up in response, though.”

Customer: “Oh, no, that’s too much hassle!” *proceeds to hand me the money and keeps their hand out, ready to take change*

(The customer left, and I was left dumbfounded by the sheer hypocrisy.)

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