Finally Getting The Message

, , , , , | Right | June 11, 2021

I work in a call center for a chain of shops that services semis (among other large things). 

I answer a call for a customer looking to get his truck serviced. It’s just after 7:00 am, and I inform him that the particular shop he wants opens at 7:30 am. He demands, somewhat rudely, that I try to call them anyway, so I have to go down the list and try everyone with an extension. Unsurprisingly, no one answers.

Me: “I’m sorry, I’m getting voicemail for everyone in that shop. Would you like to leave one of them a message?”

Customer: “Is there anyone back there I can talk to?”

Me: “I got their voicemail. They didn’t answer because they’re not in until 7:30. I can let you leave a message.”

Customer: *Pauses* “So there isn’t anyone I can talk to?”

I barely resist the urge to sigh loudly and facepalm.

Me: “Not at this location. They aren’t in yet. If you leave a voicemail, they can call you when they get in after 7:30.”

Customer: “I’d rather talk to them now.”

Me: “They aren’t here yet. There is no one to talk to. I can get you a voicemail.”

Customer: “Oh. Can I leave a message, then?”

That is literally what I have been trying to get you to do this whole time, you walnut. I’d blame it on the early hour, but I get calls along this vein at all hours. Customers are just stupid.

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