Enough To Make You Want To Curse(ive)

, , , , , | Right | March 15, 2020

(I’m working the register when an older woman comes up to order. She immediately slams down a piece of paper on the counter and I assume it’s a big order she has written down.)

Customer: “Can you read this?!”

(I glance at the note and it’s written in cursive. I sigh as not only do I not have my glasses on but it’s even harder to read cursive without them on. I get my coworker to read it and it says, “I want a small cheese steak with marinara sauce. ABSOLUTELY NO ONIONS! I’m very allergic so clean your grill and spatula!” I start to ring her up.)

Customer: “What kind of person can’t read cursive?!”

Me: “Sorry, I don’t have my glasses on.”

(The customer just rolls her eyes and stands to the side staring at us the whole time. We soon finish making her sandwich after cleaning both the grill and spatula, and then we realize our marinara sauce already has onions in it so I explain this to her.)

Me: “Miss, I’m sorry but our marinara sauce already has onions in it; did you want extra cheese or mushrooms, instead?”

Customer: “Oh, no, that’s fine. I’ll be fine. I’ve had it before.”

(We then hand her her sandwich while my coworker and I just kind of shake our heads.)

Coworker: “This is why people don’t take food allergies seriously.”

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