Email Flail

, , , | Right | October 26, 2019

Me: “Would you like your receipt emailed to you?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “Okay.” *goes to the next screen to give them the total*

Customer: “Actually, yeah.”

Me: “Okay.” *goes back to the email screen* “You can type your email in on that keyboard right there.”

Customer: “What? Why would I do that?”

Me: “So you can give us your email?”

Customer: “I don’t understand why you want me to type it out!”

Me: “Well, I can type it out myself if you want.”

Customer: “I don’t understand why you want my email! What will you do with it?!”

Me: “Send you your receipt. You just told me you wanted it emailed it to you.”

Customer: “Oh. Oh, yeah… No, I don’t want it emailed.”

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