Dungeons And Dragons, No Drinks

, , , , | Working | June 28, 2018

(My Dungeons and Dragons group always plays at a local game café that’s nearly perfect: it’s quiet, has no entrance fees, and has an amazing menu with plenty of options for everyone. Unfortunately, the big downside to this place is that the service is absolutely terrible. The food takes forever to come, and the server rarely ever comes to check on us more than once in the four or more hours we are there. But this session is the worst yet; one person isn’t ready to order with the rest of us and asks the server to come back in five minutes, which he does, but that one person’s food takes more than twice as long to arrive as the rest, despite only being ordered a few minutes later. Everyone else’s drinks come well after the food, as if the server has nearly forgotten we ordered them. Mine, on the other hand, don’t come at all, and he never returns to our table after that, so I decide I can do without it, assuming that maybe he didn’t hear me ask for it or something. But, sure enough, when I get my check there’s a charge for the drink I never got.)

Me: *pointing to the drink charge* “I never got a drink.”

Server: “Oh, didn’t I bring it to you?”

Me: “Nope.”

Server: “Okay.” *reprints my bill, hands it to me without another word*

(He never apologized or explained what happened. As soon as I paid, he simply turned his attention to the next person in my group as if I didn’t exist. If it wasn’t our only real option for a place to play, I’d say we should boycott them until they work on their service skills!)

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