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The Driver Went Cocoa-Nuts

, , , , | Working | February 23, 2018

(My uncle is a trucker who hauls various goods. One time he is called to take over a refrigerated truck — a “Reefer” — that another employee has ditched. On arriving, he notices that the refrigeration is shut off, and that the truck contains a massive quantity of chocolate that has now melted in the summer heat. He calls his supervisors.)

Uncle: “Uh, this is [Uncle]. I’m with [Truck Number]. It’s running fine, but the reefer’s been shut off.”

Supervisor: “Just turn it back on.”

Uncle: “Not sure if that’s a good idea.”

Supervisor: “Why the h*** not?”

Uncle: “If I do that, then I’d be delivering a 53-foot block of chocolate with papery bits inside, and I ain’t sure if [Client] can sell something like that, or if we can even get it out of there like that.”

(The supervisor ended up cracking up. My uncle did the delivery. Naturally, both the chocolate makers and the store were pissed at the state of the goods. My uncle later discovered that the person who was originally driving had decided to quit mid-job and deliberately turned off the reefer to proverbially flip the company the bird.)

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