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Won’t Need To Wait All Night To Make A Decision

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I once went to an interview in a different department in the same company. I went to the manager’s office at the appointed time and waited about ten minutes. Then, the manager stuck his head out and said, “Sorry, it will only be a few more minutes.”

Ten minutes later, he finally emerged. He came over and began talking with me. Over his shoulder, I saw someone run into his office. He then left me and went into his office for another ten minutes. Then, he came out and resumed his talk.

One of the things he mentioned was that, in order to prepare for a monthly report to higher-ups, his department pulled an all-nighter to get the data. He said this with pride. Somehow, I kept my mouth shut while thinking, “If you had any organization, or better systems, you wouldn’t need to pull all-nighters to get the data.”

Thankfully, I did not get the job, because I had no intention of working for that manager.

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