Driven To The Same Conclusion

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(My partner lives with my family, and he drives me to and from work everyday. One morning, there is an accident and his car is written off. After confirming my partner is fine and safe, my parents start enthusiastically searching for a new car for him.)

Me: “Could you maybe calm down with finding [Partner] a new car? It hasn’t even been 12 hours. He’s still upset.”

Mum: “Oh, calm down; we’re looking for a car for us, not him!”

Me: “Okay, fair enough. There’s one problem, though.”

Dad: “Yeah?”

Me: “Neither of you can drive!”

(In their 50+ years, neither of them got their driver’s license. They didn’t consider that to be an important factor and kept looking, probably because they expected my partner to drive them around in their car!)

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