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Teacher Only Doing Half Their Job

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(My mom gets a call from my brother’s first grade teacher that he’s behind in class and will need to repeat the grade if he doesn’t improve. My mom brings her mom with her to the meeting, because my nana is a first grade teacher herself.)

Teacher: “[Brother] is doing very well in all his subjects except math; he hasn’t passed a single assignment this year.” *She begins laying the worksheets on the table, and Nana starts looking them over.*

Mom: “I don’t understand. I practiced addition and subtraction with him all summer, and he got it. He knows this stuff, he’s even started learning his times tables.”

Teacher: “Well, I’m sorry, I know it’s hard to hear, but if he doesn’t improve, he might need to go into remediation.”

Nana: “Wait a minute, he’s gotten exactly a fifty percent on all of these.”

Teacher: “Yes, that’s not a passable score.”

Nana: “No, no, look. He answers all the questions on the front perfectly, and doesn’t make a single mark on the back. He’s not bad at math, he’s bad at flipping pages!”

Teacher: “Oh!”

(Mom and Nana convinced her to keep him after school and let him make up all the backs of his worksheets, which he does perfectly. I know teaching’s really hard, but you’d think a college-educated woman would have noticed that he was only doing the front of the worksheets, rather than assume he’s remedial.)

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