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Do You Have The Necronomicon: Canadian Edition?

, , , | Right | April 6, 2019

Customer: “Do you have [Any Obscure, Out-Of-Print Book]?”

Me: “No, and it’s not likely that we will ever see it traded in here.”

Customer: “Really? Why not?”

Me: “Well, with a population in the area of less than 65,000, I usually only take in the mass-market paperbacks that people have bought at Costco or elsewhere, and then some others which we know that we can resell fairly quickly.”

Customer: “But there are so many good novels out there!”

Me: “Yes, at last estimate there are over ten million books currently in print. Which ones should I decide to stock in my 1,500 square-foot of store space? Let me help you with that answer: the most likely to sell and keep me in business.”