A Sign Of Information Overload

, , , , | Right | April 6, 2019

(Over the years, I have met several annoying or stupid customers, but never have I encountered a customer who was such perfect “Not Always Right” material as the one in my friend’s story. This friend works at a petrol station. In most Dutch gas stations, you fill your tank and then enter the shop to pay for it. This station has a small bakery inside the shop and a sign clearly saying that you can pay for your fuel at the bakery. A woman enters and walks past the sign, clearly pushing it aside. She stands looking around, saying nothing and sighing, annoyed.)

Coworker: “Can you find everything, ma’am?”

Woman: *continues to sigh, not saying anything*

Coworker: “If you need to pay for your fuel, you can do that at the bakery.”

Woman: “Well, there should be a sign telling me that! How should I know this?”

Coworker: “There is a sign, ma’am. You just walked past it. Didn’t you see?”

Woman: “But I’m getting so much information fired at me the whole day! You can’t expect me to read all of that!”

(Is this stupid, lazy, or both?)

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