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Email Fail, Part 23

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(I am taking a phone order for merchandise to be shipped to a customer in another state. Our POS software requires us to gather transaction details in a certain order, over which I have no control.)

Me: “Could you please give me your billing address?”

Customer: “Okay, so, my [Credit Card] number is—“

Me: “Ma’am, please wait a moment. I need to take your billing info and create an invoice before I’ll be ready for your credit card.”

(I manage to get her name and her billing and shipping address.)

Me: “If you’ll give me your email address, I can email you a tracking number.”

Customer: “Yes, please do!” *silence*

Me: “May I please have your email address?”

Customer: *after another long moment* “Oh, yes, my phone number is—“ *rattles off a phone number extremely quickly*

Me: “Okay, I can take your phone number, but please recite it slowly for me.” *she does* “Thank you. Now, you were going to give me your email?”

Customer: “Why was that again?”

Me: *growing frustrated* “So I can send you a tracking number?”

(We go around this mulberry bush two or three more times. Finally, I wrest her email address out of her.)

Customer: *as I’m typing in the email* “Now, what was the total?”

Me: *patiently* “I can give you the total as soon as I’ve finished creating the invoice. Just a moment.” *does so* “The total will be [total].”

Customer: “Can I give you my credit card now?”

Me: “Just one moment while I get to the payment screen.” *in fairness, our software is annoyingly slow*

(I process her payment and thank her for her business.)

Customer: “When will it arrive?”

Me: “Sorry, ma’am, I can’t tell you that until it’s been boxed up and processed. Once the tracking number has been created I’ll have that information.”

Customer: “Okay, why don’t you just email me when you know?”

Me: *bangs head against keyboard repeatedly*

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