Divorced From Soda 

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(I’m in line today behind a father and his daughter, who appears to be a teenager. Even though the store is an electronics store, they have a small display right before the register with candy bars and bottles of soda. As the father puts his purchase on the counter, the daughter grabs two candy bars and a bottle of soda. The father gently takes the candy and soda from her and sets it back.)

Daughter: “That was mean!”

Father: “You know you’re not allowed that stuff at my house.”

Daughter: “Mom buys it for me!”

Father: “I’m not Mom. I don’t allow junk food.”

Daughter: “I hate you!” *kicks him in the leg*

(By now the transaction is complete. The father takes his purchase and his daughter’s hand.)

Father: *as they leave* “No, you don’t. But that’s not a nice thing to say.”

(As someone raising a teenager myself… good luck, Dad.)

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