Distasteful Behavior

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(I just started working at this lovely restaurant owned by an elderly couple. I’m taking a Muslim couple’s order.)

Me: “Good afternoon. I’m [My Name]. What can I get you?”

Woman: “Can you tell us which menu items are halal?”

Me: “Would you mind waiting a few minutes so I can ask my manager? He’s also Muslim.”

Man: “We’re not in a hurry.”

(After I talk to the manager and take the couple’s order, another couple from a nearby table starts making racist jokes and tossing derogatory terms around. I tell my manager.)

Manager: “Hello, I heard there was a problem?”

Jerk: “Yeah, can you kick out those freaks? I can’t eat while they’re waiting for the perfect moment to set off a bomb.”

Jerk’s Girlfriend: *nods*

Manager: “First of all, you seem to have already eaten half of your expensive order. Second, I may not look it, but I’m also Muslim. Having said that, insult anyone else and we’re going to throw you out, after but not before making you pay for the meal.”

Jerk: “You can’t do that; I know the owner!”

Manager: “I know him, as well, and he would never associate with bigots like you.”

(The obnoxious couple were kicked out after yelling at our Romanian coworker because her accent was too thick. Her accent is anything but thick; they just looked at her name tag and saw a foreign name. The Muslim couple are now regulars and were blessed with a beautiful baby.)

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