Completing The Generosity Cycle

, , , | Hopeless | September 12, 2016

(The town where I live is notorious for two things; the high crime rate and unfriendly nature of its citizens. I am riding my bike to a friend’s house when, in the middle of an intersection, the front tire goes flat and then locks in place, making it near impossible to push. After some struggling and upsetting a few motorists I make it to just outside of a local hotel in the middle of downtown.)

Me: *approaching the lady at the front desk* “Excuse me? I am really sorry. I’m not even a guest at this hotel, but can I use a phone? My bike just got a flat and I can’t even push the last few miles to get to where I need.”

Receptionist: “Of course! That always happens, your battery dies or you forget your phone, doesn’t it? Write the number down and I’ll dial out for you. It’s hot outside; would you like anything to drink?”

Me: “That is okay. Thank you so much! I really appreciate this.”

(She placed the call and I managed to get a hold of a friend with a truck to come get me. She and I chatted for a minute more about breaking down in cars in the middle of nowhere. She offered to let me hang out in the AC but I declined to make sure I didn’t miss my friend and then headed outside. Nothing big, but for me in that moment it was big and wonderful reminder that there are good people everywhere.)

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