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All Dolled Up For Christmas

, , , | Hopeless | September 13, 2016

I get a pre-Christmas package from my father. He is working with a doll-making company on their business and sends me four dolls in case I know a child who needed one. Since not everyone I work with has a steady job, I appreciate it.

Two days later, I am visiting one such person. My coworker and I discover that her husband has just died and all Christmas savings will have to pay for his funeral and medical bills instead of presents. This is especially hard because she is the one supporting her daughter and granddaughter, so there is little chance that they’d have any gifts to give each other.

We immediately decide to change that. With the monthly allowance we use for groceries and personal items, we go looking for gifts for all three women. The last thing we put in the Christmas package is one of the dolls that Dad sent me “just in case.”

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