Dressed In Honesty

, , , | Hopeless | September 11, 2016

(I work for a really well known higher end clothing retailer. I have a customer come up to me while I’m working at the cash wrap.)

Lady: “Hi, so, I have a bit of a funny problem.”

(The customer places in one of our bags on the counter obviously with something in it and holding receipt in her hand. As I reach out to take the receipt from her. She starts talking while I quickly try and figure out what the problem is.)

Lady: “So, I bought this dress a month and a half ago and wore it and loved it. I was just cleaning out some old receipts when I ran across this one. I realized I was never charged for the dress.”

(I stop and look at her, then quickly look for a double rung UPC. Nothing.)

Me: “Are you are sure this is the right receipt?”

Lady: “Yes and I want to pay for it. I said it was an unusual problem. Can you do that?”

Me: “Sure if you want me to.” *into my walkie* “Can I get a re-ticket at the cash wrap.”

(A coworker comes up and I explain the situation. His jaw drops.)

Coworker: “We work with this brand all the time so we can have a ticket made up really quickly.”

(He takes the dress off for a re-ticket.)

Me: “Thank you so much for being honest.”

Lady: “I felt really guilty about not paying, and I love the dress.”

(The coworker came back less than two minutes later and thanked her also for being so honest and told her the price, which was just over $20. The lady paid and was really cool about the whole thing. In fact, she seemed surprised that her honesty took us by surprise.)

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