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I am working at a sandwich chain.

Me: “Hi. What can I get for you today?”

Scammer: “I’d like the ham and swiss and a cup of water.”

Me: “All right, would you like to make it a combo?”

Scammer: “No.”

Me: “Will that be all?”

Scammer: “Yeah. “

He tosses a wad of bills in my general direction. Then he just goes to sit down as I stand there confused with his change in hand.

Me: “Um, sir? Your change…”

The scammer rolls his eyes at me and waves a hand impatiently. 

Scammer: “Don’t just stand there! Bring it to me!”

At this point, I am gritting my teeth in anger. I have been polite and nice through all of this, keeping a strained smile on my face as I place the change in his hand. I head back to the counter to grab his food so I can be through with him ASAP. But as I place the tray in front of him, he levels a glare at me. 

Scammer: *Snapping* “I ordered the combo.”

Me: *Faking a smile* “Of course, sir. That will be an extra [amount].”

He waves one of his fingers in my face. 

Scammer: “Oh, no, you made the mistake of not having the intelligence to listen, so you’ll pay for it.”

Stifling a laugh at his ridiculous request, I merely shake my head. 

Me: “Afraid not, sir.”

I walked back to the counter as I hear a string of curses directed at me. Apparently, he complained about me “not paying for his meal.” The manager laughed at him. Ah, sweet karma.

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