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Clarissa Kent To The Rescue

, , , | Right | December 4, 2009

(Note: These are very frequent customers of ours.)

Me: “Hey, Mr. [Customer]. How’re you guys doing tonight?”

Customer: “Um, hi… uh… do you by any chance have a twin?”

Me: “A twin? No. Why?”

Customer: “It’s just that there’s a girl who works here and usually serves us. She looks just like you, but she wears glasses.”

Me: “Oh, that is me. I just took my glasses off.”

Customer: “No! It’s not you. I know you’re her twin! She always has glasses on! Is she here tonight? I want her to serve us. I don’t know you.”

Me: “Um, yeah, sure. Hang on…”

(I go in back, put on my glasses, and come back to their table.)

Me: “Hey Mr. [Customer], how’re you guys doing tonight?”

Customer: “Oh, [My Name], there you are! We just met your twin! Why didn’t you ever tell us?”

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