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Claim Loss Of Memory, While You’re At It

, , , , | Legal | August 20, 2018

(I was involved in the Blue Line Train fire about ten years ago. The train caught fire after leaving downtown Chicago because there was something wrong with the rails and it caused so much friction on the wheels, the train caught fire. I have decided to get a lawyer to represent me. I notice that two girls who were also on the train work for a law firm and mention — in the news story — that they are using their firm to represent them. When I read the story in the paper the next day, I decide to contact them to represent me, as well.)

Me: *sitting at home with friends* “I hired a personal injury attorney today to represent me in the Blue Line Fire.”

Friend: “Who did you hire?”

Me: “[Firm].”

Friend: “Why did you hire them?”

Me: “Because I don’t know any personal injury lawyers.”

Friend: “Yes, you do! ME!”

(Yes, I had completely forgotten what my friend did for a living. He eventually forgave me.)

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