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Can’t Win The Name Game

| Working | August 29, 2014

(I work at a math tutoring room at a community college and three of my coworkers are all named Alex. I am a male in my early twenties. One day, I arrive and see a rare site of all three Alexes here at the same time standing outside the door to the tutoring center talking.)

Me: “Hi, Alexes!”

All Three Alexes: *various eye rolls and grumbles at my apparently unamusing joke*

(I go to sign in and get my name tag on when another coworker arrives. She is a rather pretty woman in her mid-twenties and is completely unaware of my previous joke.)

Coworker: “Hi, Alexes!”

All Three Alexes: *smiling and laughing at her apparently very amusing joke*

Me: “Wow, really?”

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