Should Have Bread-Stuck To The Order

, , , , | Working | July 2, 2017

(A coworker and I order pizza from a local pizza chain. When the order shows up, it’s missing part of it.)

Me: “Do you have the parmesan bread sticks? I don’t see it with our order.”

Driver: “You must not have ordered it.”

Me: “But I see it here on my receipt? Are you sure you don’t have it?”

Driver: “Oh! I accidentally delivered that to my last customer. I’m sorry about that. I’ll go get it.”

Me: “Wait, what?”

(Before we can stop him, he leaves the building.)

Me: *to Coworker* “I am so not taking it when he gets back. Did he really just go to his last customer to pick up our bread?”

(Ten minutes go by and he comes back holding the package of bread sticks.)

Driver: “Here you are! I got them back for you.”

Me: “Um. I’m not taking those.”

Driver: “What? You’re not? But I just got them back for you.”

Me: “I’m not taking those.”

(The driver got really flustered and called his manager. We could hear her reaction from several feet away.)

Driver: “So I accidentally gave part of their order to someone else and now they won’t take it after I got it back.”

Manager: “You did what?! You actually went back and got it from the previous customer?! You never do that! Ever!”

Driver: “But they wanted their bread sticks!”

Manager: “That is not okay! Put me on the phone with the customer.”

Me: “Hello?”

Manager: “I am so sorry. That should have never happened.”

(She ended up offering to redo our entire order or giving us a code worth about as much in free product for next time. We never saw that driver again.)

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