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Time To Restart All Over

, , , | Working | July 1, 2017

(I spend nearly hour on a call where the user didn’t let me remotely connect to her computer. I’m really hoping that we will finish soon because I can take only some amount of repeating same things over and over.)

Me: “Now, please go to start menu and into search field type gpupdate. G for George, P for Peter, update all together.”

User: “It was ‘C’ for Charlie…”

Me: “No, ‘G’ for George, ‘P’ for Peter, update—”

User: “Hold on. Where should I put this?”

Me: “Search field in start menu.”

User: “Okay, I have it. What should I put in?”

Me: ‘G’ for George, ‘P’ for Peter, ‘U’ for uniform, ‘P’ for Peter, ‘D’ for David, ‘A’ for apple, ‘T’ for Thomas, ‘E’ for emperor—” *I use emperor because ‘echo’ is something nobody understand, same for foxtrot, I usually say ‘Frank’ or ‘family’*

User: “Oh, and what now?”

Me: “Hit enter please. You should see black box saying ‘updating policy.'”

User: “No, it shows restarting.”

Me: “How did you mistype ‘gpupdate’ to ‘shutdown space dash R’?”

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