Boss Baby

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(Being a gamer with a one-year-old is tough, since he wants to touch everything, and it’s really important to play with him. It helps that he’s absolutely hilarious and a joy to play with. I don’t get to play nearly as much as I want to, though. My wife and I have a running joke when I beat something which has been difficult; we say he gave me “Baby Power” to get through it. I’ll often tell him, “Okay! I need the Baby Power! Give it to Daddy!” On this particular day, I’m playing a new game on my Switch, and he has decided he wants to sit on my lap while I play. I’m having a rather difficult time beating a boss.)

Me: *looking down at him as he’s drinking his bottle* “We’re going to need all the Baby Power on this one!”

(My son looks back at the screen and points at it. I’m getting closer and closer to beating it, and he throws down his bottle. He SCREAMS, raising his arms, and SCREAMS again, clapping.)


(He screams even louder and blows spit bubbles. I beat the boss, slap the controller to the side, pick up my son, and start dancing with him.)


(My son is laughing and shouting. I keep dancing with him and then yelling at the screen. When we stop, he picks up his bottle, climbs back on my lap, and looks back up at me while drinking.)

Me: “Now… let’s do that seven more times!”

(He looked back at the screen, back at me, and back at the screen, and let out the biggest sigh I had ever heard. I laughed so hard I had to save the game, turn it off, and rough house with him, instead.)

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