The Bachelor Party Should Have Been The Warning

, , , , | Right | October 19, 2017

(We have a group of rooms booked for a bachelor party. We get a noise complaint about them at 3:00 am. I call down to get them to quiet down and give them their official warning.)

Me: “You guys need to quiet down; I’m getting noise complaints about your room, and if I get another one, I will kick you guys out.”

Guest: “What? You’re kicking us out? But we have 12 rooms!”

Me: “Right now I’m warning you, not kicking you out. If I get another complaint I will kick you out, though. We have another 40 rooms besides you guys. Being with a group of 12 doesn’t mean you get to disturb everyone else.”

Guest: “But where will we go?”

Me: “Not my problem.”

Guest: “But you didn’t even give us a warning; you’re just going to kick us out with no warning?”

Me: “This is your warning; I’m not kicking you out right now, but I will if I get another complaint about you.”

Guest: “I can’t believe you’re just going to kick us out with no warning!” *click*

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