A Tale of Two Poultries, Two Meanings, And Two Hands

| | Right | July 7, 2009

(It’s almost closing time at the supermarket deli. Two hot chickens are left and have been reduced to half price.)

Male customer: “Can I please get the last 2 chickens?”

(As I’m getting the chickens, a female customer rushes up to the deli counter.)

Female customer: “Excuse me. I was here first, before, and I wanted one of those chickens.”

Me: “Sorry…when I looked up, there was only one customer.”

Female customer: “You had your head down before.”

Me: “Well, I‚Äôm sorry. They‚Äôve been sold to this man, as he was the only customer here. Unless he‚Äôd like to let you have one?”

Male customer: “No, I‚Äôd like them both, thanks.”

Female customer: “I hope you choke on that chicken!” *storms out*

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