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Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Bag Holder

, , , , , | Right | November 29, 2010

(I am a guy in my late teens, bagging groceries for a male cashier when a woman in her mid-to-late thirties arrives at the till.)

Cashier: “Here you go, ma’am.”

Customer: “‘Ma’am?!’ Do I look old enough to be a ‘ma’am?!'”

Cashier: “Uh, sorry, miss.”

Customer: “‘Miss!’ That’s even worse! You make me feel like an old maid! I’m still young and beautiful! And you, bag boy! Make sure the eggs are on top, okay?”

Me: *miming shooting a gun and winking* “You got it, babe.”

Customer: *blushing* “I… uh… okay.”

Cashier: “Dude.”

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