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Grocery Workers – We Salute You!

| Right | April 21, 2020

Dear Grocery and Supermarket Workers,

You help keep us fed and our homes comfortable.  It often seems like our society doesn’t give you enough credit and now we’d like to recognize you.  During these troubling times, you are important to keeping life as sane as possible.

We’ve dug into the archives for some older tales, from you and your colleagues, of awesome coworkers and of dealing with unexpected customers, the good and the bad.

We hope this gives you a smile and helps others to remember how much we depend on you.

Rapscallion Fun — A vegetable by any other name would taste identical.

Coworkers Über Alles — It’s good to know who has your back!

A Minor Truth — Ah, children…

Wrestling With This Sale — Tale of the Not So Tough Guy.

The Oracle At Register Five — The Oracle knows almost everything.

Ask A Stupid Question, Part 4 — What it says on the tin.

A Dawning Realization Of One’s Dimness — If only these tales always worked out in the end.

You’re Not On Candid Camera — or Supermarket Sweep.

Because PvP In Produce Is Teh Suxxxorz — I wield the +5 Celery of Yipes.

Extra Coating Of Generosity — The best customers warm you up.

A Tale Of Two Poultries, Two Meanings, And Two Hands — Your choice of dessert is your own, pal.

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Bag Holder — Surprisingly, it worked.

Praise Cheeses — Nothing like the good customer putting the fear of God into the bad one.

At War With Your Employees — Not sure what business this is actually from, but it makes us laugh.

You are all heroes to those of us at NotAlwaysRight, and the rest of the world!

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