A Fowl Sense Of Humor

| NY, USA | Related | May 23, 2012

(My sister, my dad, and I are all in the car. My dad tells us about how he almost hit a stray dog the day before.)

Me: “Oh, so it was like that time you hit the pigeon, only you didn’t hit the dog.”

Dad: “Stupid pigeon.”

Me: “Aw, that’s mean. Poor thing only wanted the breadcrumbs that were in the street for some reason.”

Sister: “That poor pigeon’s family. Imagine?”

Me: “Oh, no, here we go.”

Sister: *in the ‘pigeon’s’ voice* “Oh, boy, breadcrumbs! Now I can eat and bring this back to my family. Especially with pigeon junior on the way. And my elderly pigeon parents can’t leave the nest anymore, so it’s up to me to bring back food for them! Oh boy, I really hit the motherlode! Wham!

Me: “Oh, God. You’re worse than me.”

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