Having Her Eureka Moment

| Related | May 22, 2012

(My dad enjoys sci-fi and has passed that love on to me. My mom isn’t crazy into it, but she doesn’t mind watching it too. My family is watching an episode of ‘Eureka’, when my mom thinks she’s spotted a logic hole in the story.)

Mom: “So how is that hologram of Henry running around in the forest like that? He isn’t actually there, but his hologram is running and moving around trees and over rocks and stuff. The real Henry’s just in one place, so why isn’t the hologram just standing still?”

Me: “Well, his body’s still in the jail cell. He’s probably got some sort of virtual reality helmet or something, so if he’s looking around and seeing the forest, his brain’s sending signals to his legs to move and the technology would translate that movement into the hologram. The city of Eureka’s advanced enough—”

Mom: *turning suddenly on my dad* “I blame you! It’s your fault she can explain how it works!”

(Dad starts laughing uproariously.)

Me: “It’s basic science fiction!”

Dad: “My job is done! Now, to concentrate on her sister.”

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