A Fifty-Nine-Dollar Oopsie

, , , , , | Working | September 23, 2020

I’m picking up cigarettes at a drive-thru tobacco shop which I haven’t gone to before.

Me: “Two packs of [cigarettes], please.”

The cashier takes my ID and credit card and returns to the window with the card, cigarettes, and a receipt.

Cashier: “Oh, s***.”

The cashier goes back into the store, returning with a handful of cash.

Cashier: “I accidentally charged your card $70 instead of $11, so here’s the difference.”

She hands me my card and cigarettes, along with a $50 bill and assorted smaller bills, and leaves the window.

I take everything, confused and appalled, and linger in the drive-thru to check the $50 against the light. I used my credit card instead of my debit card, so thankfully, this didn’t overdraw my account.

Cashier: *Returns to the window* “It’s not fake. We check all our bills.”

Me: “Can I please have my receipt?”

True to her word, she had charged me more than $70. The receipt only recorded the total charge, not the cost of each item. I got the heck out of there and deposited the $50 at the ATM next door. Apparently, it was real.

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