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A Brand New Hit From The Soggy Bottom Fries

, , , , | Working | November 8, 2021

My family — mom, dad, and boyfriend — and I have been traveling and have just arrived in the smallish city we’re visiting. We’re hungry, but the plane was late and it’s nearly midnight, so the only options are fast food drive-thrus. We figure we’ll make the best of it and pull into a famous burger joint.

The line is pretty slow for as few cars as there are, but we figure that at this time of night, they’re short-staffed, and we wait as patiently as we can. Finally, [Worker #1] comes over the intercom to take our order. Her tone is a bit short, but again, we brush it off as the late hour and dealing with crappy entitled people all day. We pull around for our food — four sandwich meals, as we are four adults — and wait, and wait, and wait. Finally, the window opens to reveal a very tired-looking young man, [Worker #2].

Worker #2: *Slowly* “Uhh… did y’all order a [Children’s Meal]?”

Dad: “No, we—”

[Worker #1] appears at the window, glares at [Worker #2], and slams the window shut. She comes back a few minutes later with our order, practically shoving it out the window at us.

Dad: “Thanks, could we get some ketchup—”

[Worker #1] slams the window shut.

Boyfriend: “Okay… I guess not.”

The food is passed around, and we start to drive away.

Mom: “There are no fries with any of these orders!”

We glanced back at the drive-thru, decided we’d cut our losses as we were too tired to wait more and deal with Miss Priss at the window again, and drove to our hotel. It turned out there were fries in our order, or rather, a single fry… at the bottom of Mom’s drink cup.

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