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Maybe She Was Just Ribbing You

, , , , | Working | November 7, 2021

Restaurants near my workplace are usually VERY busy during lunch hour, so I decide to drive a little distance and try a new (for me) restaurant. A waitress arrives and gives me a menu.

Me: “I see you have ribs on the menu. What kind of ribs are they?”

Waitress: “They are ribs.”

Me: “Okay, but what kind? Are they beef ribs or pork ribs?”

Waitress: “They are ribs.”

I think they might be boneless, mystery meat “ribs”.

Me: “Do they have bones?”

The waitress stares at me and wiggles her pen over her order pad.

Me: “I’ll have a hamburger.”

Guess what restaurant I did NOT revisit!

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