A Blanket Of Warmth

, , , , | Hopeless | June 12, 2017

(I had to put my miniature dachshund down this morning. He’s been my best friend for about 12 years, and has helped me through so much, including two miscarriages. I have always viewed him much like a child, so losing him has me completely heartbroken. While leaving the veterinarian’s office, with my husband just ahead carrying my dog in his favorite blanket, a postal worker saw me about to break down. I have never met her before, but she immediately rushed up to me with a knowing look.)

Postal Worker: “I know what’s happened. I know it’s not easy. I am so sorry.”

(That sweet stranger gave me the most comforting hug and let me cry on her shoulder in the parking lot until I had the strength to get a hold of myself again. Thank you, dear lady. It was a small, but incredibly meaningful gesture.)

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